"It was worth everything it cost. It was valuable in the molding of my character and changing old mindsets. In places I didn't realize I had taken for granted and settled into, I now have a new perspective."
"Small Group: The close-nit, intimate, life-changing relationships I gained from that group would have never happened without the structured group time."
"The Guatemala mission trip is a highlight and one of best parts of the entire school year for me. The baby rescue was without question one of the most rewarding, powerfull and lifechanging experiences of my entire life thus far. We will always have this part of the journey to share as an extraordinary time in life & in Jesus, and seeing a little boy and his family changed forever."
"Never give up. Don't doubt God's love or goodness . Don't feed the lies but feed the truth of God. Never stop growing , believing or being teachable. Always keep your love on."

The greatest lessoned learned: 

My identity, value, and power in Christ.
I let go of lies I was believing about myself - realizing more of my true identify and how God sees me and feels about me. I enjoy more freedom to be ME.
I am His favorite!!
Rest is being, not doing. And I am not a sinner struggling with my flesh.
His love doesnt quit. He is easy to connect with.
That where ever I go and what ever I do; I make a difference because I bring the kingdom with me.