THIRD YEAR INTERNSHIP provides opportunities for Second Year graduates to help demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven in FSSM.

Interns will have a chance to reinvest what they have learnt the last couple years as FSSM students to the current attending students. Interns give service valuable to FSSM leadership, the students they oversee, and the specific year in FSSM they serve in. In return, our interns will get to gain experience by leading, shepherding, and encouraging students which will help to expedite interns journey into their calling.

Third YEAR interns are RESPONSIBLE  to: 

  • Serve with royal hearts
  • Develop as leaders and revivalists as they help oversee incoming students
  • Pour into and become and asset to the schools culture
  • Plan, facilitate and lead Outreaches
  • Assist school leadership


Cost to intern at FSSM is currently to be determined as we are making some adjustments to the program over the summer. However, we approximate the cost to be at least $600.00 to the maximum of $1,200.00.

In order to apply to FSSM Third Year Internship program you must have received a Certificate of Completion of FSSM First Year and Second Year.